This is a very special E-bike and in Gatzebike we have two identics, so you can go as a couple with the same bike. It has a powerful 500W battery completely integrated into the frame, It feeds a BH 1E-36V motor so that you face any cost however hard it may seem. Autonomy for 105 km and all the advanced Emotion technology at your feet. Equipped with Alexrims Volar 3.0 TR cubierats to offer you great security and double suspension Rock Shox Deluxe Debonair to be able to enjoy in technical and complicated sections. It has an elegant and attractive design with all rounded corners without losing comfort that will surely take you to wonderful places in our Gipuzkoa Salada.


Here you have a fully comfortable and manageable E-Bike. This BH REBEL has a 250W Yamaha PW motor with a range of 85km that will be easy to handle but your strength and comfort will surprise you. It integrates a 400w battery that recharges in just two hours. Equipped with the Shimano Deore group and with mixed pedals so you can use it with your coves. Kenda Honey Badger 27’5 ″ * 2.20 tires so you can drive anywhere. Shimano M315 180mm brakes so you don’t have any problem in descents and an easy-to-use display so you can enjoy a splendid appearance.


This Atom that we are pleased to present to you has the battery fully integrated into the frame. This makes it attractive and as BH has coupled the design to the geometry, they have managed to reduce 600gr, resulting in a really light, beautiful, powerful and easy to handle E-bike. It has a 500w battery to move its powerful Broshe engine and provides you with a range of 105 km, cutting at 25km / h. It has 29 ′ wheels and ultimately pedaling with it is light and safe. Hydraulic disc brakes and mixed pedals so you can take it with your coves. If what you want is speed and do your best this is a good choice that will give you wings wherever you go.
BH ATOM 27.5
Here is a powerful Atom of 27.5. With the battery integrated in the frame it has an elegant and attractive design. It has a powerful FSA 36T engine and a 500 battery to give strength to your pedaling. Mixed pedals so you can go with coves or without them and hydraulic disc brakes to give you the necessary safety. Equipped with harder development, it is ideal for flats although you will climb without difficulty thanks to your pedaling assistance. A strong and powerful all-terrain and in turn easy to handle.
We introduce you to our great REBEL. With a Yamaha PW-SE engine to assist your pedaling and a 500w battery so you don’t miss it when you need it. The battery is external getting a low center of gravity turning this Rebel into a comfortable and easy to drive E-bike in any driving mode (External DT / RC System). It gives you an autonomy of 105km and cuts at 25km / h so you don’t waste energy. It is operated with the Yamaha A display that is simple but provides the necessary data. Equipped with the Shimano Deore group, with front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes so you can go out to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of our Gipuzkoa Salada.