Here is our calendar. In it we will announce the different actions, our routes for E-bike, courses and whatever seems relevant to us. By clicking on the action of the day, it will be linked to the information we have published about it. If you have an idea and want to share it with us, you can contact us HERE If you want to follow the routes in WIKILOC you can see them HERE.
We will also give an account of special days of Leintz-Gatzaga. Festivals, markets, Salt Day … Every year Dorleta Txirrindulari Elkarteak organizes a MTB march at the beginning of June in Salinas de Leniz and here you will find information about it. In turn, in July the same cycling club organizes a road cycling event and we will give information about it. Anything that has to do with bikes and with Salinas de Leniz can be accommodated in our calendar.