We propose tours and routes around Salinas de Leniz to enjoy a natural and cultural tourism. Call us …We present the most interesting routes from Leintz-Gatzaga. Towards Alava, towards Vizcaya, towards the Deba Valley or in the same town. In all of them you will enjoy climbing slopes because for that we have E-Bikes! There are no slopes where you are comfortable!


Favorite place with easy slopes !!!



The salt water spring is located just 500 meters from the town, protected by the museum and the salt factory, the heart of this small town and reason for being of Leintz-Gatzaga: Salt.

If you want to know the history that has been forged on salt, we recommend a little guide guided to the Salt Museum. Following the road you will arrive at the Sanctuary of Dorleta, a place of worship of cyclists from all over the world because of their vigen of Dorleta (mother of cyclists ). There you can contemplate diverse materials of great cycling professionals such as Bahamontes, Indurain or Lejarreta, among others. From that point many of the most beautiful routes in the area begin.



Aizorrotz is a route that leaves from the same town and is marked in its entirety. It has good tracks and does not have too much unevenness. In the place where a castle of the Navarre Kingdom was today we have a hermitage and at its feet a fountain and tables to rest peacefully. The place delights us with wonderful views of the area. If we continue ascending we can reach the crossroads of Leixargarate, from where we can reach Alabita, place where shepherds live in the area. And from Alabita we can climb along the Mugarriluze stone to travel the windmills of Elgea to Urbia, in the division of Alaba and Gipuzkoa.




It is the place where the river Deba is born, within the Aizkorri-Aratz natural park and this is a very precious route both for people who live in Leintz-Gatzagat, and for those who come to visit. From the village you go up to the Gure Ametsa restaurant and to the right there is a good track between beech and oak trees, with plenty of water and full of nature.

Always in the left direction we continue around the hillside and we get to where the three rivers meet, it has a small bridge to pass the rivers that give name to this route. If we continue forward and always in the left direction we will border the hillside in front and we will reach a couple of large hamlets from where we can return to the town or if we go up to the right to start routes such as Aizorrotz, Leixargarate or Elguea.


Leintz-Gatzaga is a small and lively town located in the extreme part of Gipuzkoa, which borders Araba and Bizkaia. On its three sides it is surrounded by beautiful reservoirs. The largest is that of Álava (Landa) and the smallest, but no less beautiful, that of Gipuzkoa (Urkulu), the third in the direction of Biscay, but in the Alava lands (Elosu, Legutio and Albina). All of them full of nature and allow you to perform different activities while you can take a lovely bath (in the Gipuzkoan bath is not allowed). We have the Gatzebike network in Urkullu and Elosu, so you can charge the battery while doing a canoe or buggy ride. Ask us for a combined plan and we take care of it.


LANDA (Ullibarri Ganboa)


The Landa reservoir is a true paradise. It is large and has areas adapted for bathing, even with beach sand. Bars, restaurants, exercise spaces, fountains and small villages full of magic near Vitoria (15km) will make the route unforgettable. It has large parking areas and a road that surrounds the entire swamp (40km) adapted for bicycles. In Gatzebike we have woven the net with Inguru Abenturako and thanks to that network you can rent a canoe and in that way you will enjoy a wonderful, convincing activity. Ask us for the agreed route and we will take care of everything.

URKULU (Artexabaleta)


AEnbalse located in Aretxabaleta, 13.8 km from Leintz-Gatzaga, Ideal for cycling, garcias to the red road that surrounds it and is well adapted for leisure, with restaurants, rural houses and recreational spaces.

You have the possibility to make routes such as Degurixa, Kurutzebarri, Araotz or Arantzazu among others and from Gatzebike we have woven our network with Urkulu Trotian so you can combine your activity with a beautiful ride on a horse-drawn buggy. And if you need it, you can charge the battery. Ask us for the agreed route and we take care of everything.



In this case there are three enbalses that we can visit. Legutiano, Albina and Elosu. The wildest could be that of Albina (port of Krutzeta). It has no adapted roads but there are many clues to be able to border it and discover the same essence of nature. If we leave Salinas stop (Gatzagain) along the track that goes just ahead, we follow the signs Urkiola, Durango and we can reach Albina to continue towards Legutiano on the left and from there connect with Elosu (road to Barazar). In Elosu Gatzebike has woven its network with the Atxarmin Farmhouse so you can rent a canoe and contemplate the swamp of Elosu from within. Ask us for the combined route and we will take care of everything.




The Deba River is born in Salinas de Leniz and unleashes in Deba through the so-called Deba Valley. This route runs along the mentioned river and gives you the possibility of getting to know towns like Eskoriatza, Aretxabaleta, Mondragon or Bergara. We have an adapted route called bidegorri that makes this route very attractive and is where the Vasco-Navarro train passed. Gatzebike has its network woven in Eskoriatza, Aretxabaleta, Arrasate and Elgeta, so we can plan the route as we like. Ask us for the combined route and we will take care of everything.



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